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# restic-alarm: send alerts for inactive restic backups stored in S3 buckets
## Design
`restic-alarm` watches over S3(-compatible) buckets containing `restic` backups,
and sends alert emails for buckets that have been inactive (= without new
snapshots) for too long. Alerts and inactivity duration settings as well as
contact email are configured separately for each bucket.
The buckets to watch and their respective configuration are stored in a separate
bucket `restic-alarm-state` accessed by `restic-alarm`. Each bucket to watch
corresponds to a file `restic-alarm-state/watch/<bucket uid>` containing the
bucket's alert settings.
The S3 key id, secret, region and endpoint URL needed by `restic-alarm` to
access `restic-alarm-state` and the buckets to watch are passed to the process
through (standard) environment variables.
## Installation (on NixOS)
1. Create a new S3 key for `restic-alarm`.
2. Create a new S3 bucket named `restic-alarm-state` and owned by this new key.
3. Install `restic-alarm`: import the nixos module provided by the flake as
`nixosModules.default`, then add:
custom.restic-alarm = {
enable = true;
env_file = "/path/to/secret/env";
where `/path/to/secret/env` points to a file containing the environment
variables for S3 access (region, endpoint, access key id, secret key). **The
`env` file should only be readable by `root`**.
A template for the `env` file would be:
## Adding a bucket to watched by `restic-alarm`
1. Give read-only access to `restic-alarm`'s S3 key for your bucket.
2. Add a new file in the `restic-alarm-state` bucket at path `watch/<bucket
uid>`, containing the following information:
# Email where to send inactivity alerts
email = "your@email"
# Inactivity after which to send an alert (in days).
# Here, send an alert if there has not been a new snapshot in more than 3 days.
inactivity = 3
# Optional: short name for your bucket (can be anything)
name = "my_backups"
# Optional: interval between successive alerts (in days; default = 1 day)
alert_interval = 1
# Optional: duration after which we stop sending alerts (in days; default = 7 days)
alert_duration = 7
(the file is parsed as a `toml` file)
Since some of the fields are optional, a minimal configuration file can be as short as:
email = "your@email"
inactivity = 3