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**This is a technical preview, use it a your own risk, expect bugs and missing features.**
Bagage will be a service to access your documents everywhere.
Currently, it is only a WebDAV to S3 proxy.
Later, it may propose a web interface and support synchronization with the Nextcloud client.
how it works
bagage exposes a webdav endpoint behind an HTTP basic auth.
Credentials provided through basic auth are used to authenticate on the LDAP server, then 2 keys `garage_s3_access_key` and `garage_s3_secret_key` are fetched from the user's LDAP profile to authenticate against the S3 server.
For now, these entries must be manually/externally added to the LDAP server prior using the service.
bagage is configured through environment variables.
You can get all the keys and their default values in the [config.go]( file.
running it
You need a S3 endpoint and a LDAP server running.
Once you correctly set your environment variables, you can simply run it:
go run .
A simple dockerfile is proposed to build a binary if you want.