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Simon Beck 9ce0d22c99 Fix wrong handling of multi value attributes
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While ldapsearch doesn't seem to mind, apps like keycloak seem to have
issues with adding multiple attributes with different values. While
the resulting ldif in ldapsearch is indistinguishable there seems to
be a slight different on the protocol level.

If adding multiple attributes with the same name and different values,
keycloak will only see the last entry. But adding a single attribute
a slice of values is seems to handle it correctly.
2022-02-14 12:13:31 +01:00
Quentin 2707dd77c5
Use vendored goldap 2021-09-16 13:46:18 +02:00
Alex 99d8955ab3 Refactor & add case normalization logic to putAttributes
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2021-03-09 19:00:45 +01:00
Alex 1a20a64eff Refactoring
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continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
2021-03-09 18:30:59 +01:00
Alex dc3fd4df65 Use consul's stale reads by default 2021-03-09 18:24:30 +01:00
Alex 851573e28f Fix equality test in ldap compare request 2020-02-13 14:41:49 +01:00
Alex 8ca2d39971 Optimize some kv.List requests to not list all children 2020-02-12 15:14:58 +01:00
Alex e52a1f74a3 Handle search attribute * 2020-02-11 23:20:33 +01:00
Alex 0402f7806a Implement (inefficiently) search scopes 2020-02-09 18:36:27 +01:00
Alex f32c272db2 Merge branch 'gomod' of Deuxfleurs/bottin into master 2020-02-02 15:01:35 +01:00
Maximilien Richer a6faceb559
Import upstream lor00x/goldap reposity 2020-02-02 14:47:16 +01:00
Maximilien Richer 3644fdfe61
Rename go module to bottin 2020-02-02 14:32:37 +01:00
Alex 0c801e02d5 Remove spaces between dn components, use warnings when necessary 2020-02-02 13:53:29 +01:00
Alex 4c037dcb94 Bug fix: case-insensitive value match (except for passwords) 2020-02-02 13:32:12 +01:00
Maximilien Richer 0274ab0038
Implements go modules
Following errors compiling with go 1.13
See for details.
2020-02-02 12:10:02 +01:00
Alex da2c37bb95 Better logging 2020-02-01 15:05:44 +01:00
Alex e1f5c31402 More logs 2020-01-28 00:52:30 +01:00
Alex 8a605f44b0 Don't do stupid things like use a dn as a pattern
Also add metadata fields in objects created on initialization
2020-01-26 23:12:00 +01:00
Alex b27eb45239 Split off read and write functions in separate files 2020-01-26 22:08:27 +01:00