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  Alex e4b5c67be0 Style changes 2 months ago
  Alex 4367e4a232 Fix horrible, horrible bug 2 months ago
  Alex f43934a7b9 Fix image link in README.md 9 months ago
  Alex 15b2b812bf Add use case paragraph in README 10 months ago
  Alex f244607a7a Mention Guichet in README 10 months ago
  Alex 825aa77089 Hopefully, fix most case-sensitivity issues 11 months ago
  Alex 0c4d55895c Update docker image version 11 months ago
  Alex afcad41e85 Use lowercase attributes objectclass and structuralobjectclass 11 months ago
  Alex fd6a555216 Ensure objects have an objectclass property 11 months ago
  Alex 81328aa321 Update docker image to version 12 11 months ago
  Alex 13d8cf028a Add a function to resync member/memberOf values over the database 11 months ago
  Alex 49be2069f6 Refactor memberOf management logic 11 months ago
  Alex 6f893138a3 Make getAttribute return an empty array instead of nil when key not found 11 months ago
  Alex 851573e28f Fix equality test in ldap compare request 11 months ago
  Alex c3d30df155 Update Docker image 11 months ago
  Alex 8ca2d39971 Optimize some kv.List requests to not list all children 11 months ago
  Alex e52a1f74a3 Handle search attribute * 11 months ago
  Alex 9e365d4b53 Update nomad hcl file to use template instead of artifact 11 months ago
  Alex 938311a48e Make Makefile more generic 11 months ago
  Alex 8e819b7d5c Modify initial administrator account to include displayname attribute 11 months ago
  Alex 0402f7806a Implement (inefficiently) search scopes 11 months ago
  Quentin d02bd17b16 Fix logo path (broken due to repo renaming) 11 months ago
  Alex adc5ecdbbc Change some Printf's to Debugf's 11 months ago
  Alex f32c272db2 Merge branch 'gomod' of Deuxfleurs/bottin into master 11 months ago
  Maximilien Richer a6faceb559
Import upstream lor00x/goldap reposity 11 months ago
  Maximilien Richer 3644fdfe61
Rename go module to bottin 11 months ago
  Alex 0c801e02d5 Remove spaces between dn components, use warnings when necessary 11 months ago
  Alex 4c037dcb94 Bug fix: case-insensitive value match (except for passwords) 11 months ago
  Alex e9e7a4cb4b Update README with accurate info on how to build Bottin 11 months ago
  Maximilien Richer 0274ab0038
Implements go modules 11 months ago
  Alex 8de94a32a8 CSS 11 months ago
  Alex 7f47dce4a6 Absolute url 11 months ago
  Alex 827083fb29 Add bottin logo 11 months ago
  Alex e8ce6e33e5 Something that actually works 11 months ago
  Alex da2c37bb95 Better logging 11 months ago
  Alex c3bfcdf9a1 Fix password comparison 11 months ago
  Alex 2f9ad411c7 Fix missing newline after TLS warning 11 months ago
  Alex 46819a245f Mention docker some more 11 months ago
  Alex 7962e7b262 Rebrand to Bottin (with Superboum's benediction) 11 months ago
  Alex e1f5c31402 More logs 1 year ago
  Alex 3edaad9317 Use better randomness 1 year ago
  Alex e7ded9d6b5 Fix slice bounds 1 year ago
  Alex dce432426e Allow for both TLS and non-TLS connections 1 year ago
  Alex 66c6479770 Implement TLS mechanisms correctly, I hope 1 year ago
  Alex 8a605f44b0 Don't do stupid things like use a dn as a pattern 1 year ago
  Alex e9fb34bb26 Add missing LICENSE (gplv2) for imported ldapserver module 1 year ago
  Alex 1be8b6a3d8 Separate build path for static version 1 year ago
  Alex 89e432b06c Bump docker tag 1 year ago
  Alex f8c726dcda Fix missing procedure for delete membership & "better" failure handling 1 year ago
  Alex b27eb45239 Split off read and write functions in separate files 1 year ago