A cloud-native LDAP server backed by a Consul datastore
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package ldapserver
import (
ldap "bottin/goldap"
type Message struct {
Client *client
Done chan bool
func (m *Message) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("MessageId=%d, %s", m.MessageID(), m.ProtocolOpName())
// Abandon close the Done channel, to notify handler's user function to stop any
// running process
func (m *Message) Abandon() {
m.Done <- true
func (m *Message) GetAbandonRequest() ldap.AbandonRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.AbandonRequest)
func (m *Message) GetSearchRequest() ldap.SearchRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.SearchRequest)
func (m *Message) GetBindRequest() ldap.BindRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.BindRequest)
func (m *Message) GetAddRequest() ldap.AddRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.AddRequest)
func (m *Message) GetDeleteRequest() ldap.DelRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.DelRequest)
func (m *Message) GetModifyRequest() ldap.ModifyRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.ModifyRequest)
func (m *Message) GetCompareRequest() ldap.CompareRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.CompareRequest)
func (m *Message) GetExtendedRequest() ldap.ExtendedRequest {
return m.ProtocolOp().(ldap.ExtendedRequest)