A cloud-native LDAP server backed by a Consul datastore
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package main
import (
ldap "github.com/go-ldap/ldap/v3"
func (inst *instance) Add_Request(dn string, attributes map[string][]string) error {
//Create the AddRequest
req := ldap.NewAddRequest(dn, nil)
for key, value := range attributes {
req.Attribute(key, value)
//Send the request
err := inst.logging.Add(req)
return err
//Use enum to select Replace,Delete,Modify
func (inst *instance) Modify_Request(dn string, add_attributes, delete_attributes, replace_attributes map[string][]string) error {
modifyReq := ldap.NewModifyRequest(dn, nil)
for key, value := range add_attributes {
modifyReq.Add(key, value)
for key, value := range delete_attributes {
modifyReq.Delete(key, value)
for key, value := range replace_attributes {
modifyReq.Replace(key, value)
err := inst.logging.Modify(modifyReq)
return err
func (inst *instance) Delete_Request(dn string) error {
del := ldap.NewDelRequest(dn, nil)
err := inst.logging.Del(del)
return err
func (inst *instance) Search_Request(dn, filter string, name_attributes []string) (*ldap.SearchResult, error) {
searchReq := ldap.NewSearchRequest(
ldap.ScopeWholeSubtree, ldap.NeverDerefAliases, 0, 0, false,
res, err := inst.logging.Search(searchReq)
logging.Debugf("Search Request made with: dn: %s, filter: %s, attributes: %s. \n", dn, filter, name_attributes)
return res, err