Rennes, France

S3-compatible object store for small self-hosted geo-distributed deployments

Updated 1 day ago

A cloud-native LDAP server backed by a Consul datastore

Updated 4 months ago

diplonat helps you exposing your public services in a dynamic environment

Updated 4 months ago

Infrastructure code for

Updated 1 week ago

Nix system configuration for Deuxfleurs clusters

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 4 hours ago

Interface web pour gérer le LDAP: changer son mot de passe, ses infos de profil, inviter des gens, administration

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 7 months ago

Réflexions et ressources liées à l'identité visuelle de Deuxfleurs

Updated 4 months ago

Bagage is the bridge between our users and garage, it enables them to synchronize files that matter for them from their computer to garage through WebDAV

Updated 1 year ago

Create a test network using network namespaces and tc-netem

Updated 6 months ago

Tricot, a replacement for Traefik

Updated 2 months ago

Garage website including blog system and documentation using Zola

Updated 4 months ago

A driver to run Nix jobs on Nomad

Updated 4 months ago

Automatically connect wireguard nodes together in a full mesh topology

Updated 9 hours ago