An easy to set-up simple pupetting bridge for talking to all your IM contacts through Matrix
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SRC= mxlib/registration.go mxlib/api.go mxlib/mediaobject.go mxlib/client.go \
connector/connector.go connector/config.go \
connector/mediaobject.go connector/marshal.go \
connector/irc/irc.go connector/irc/config.go \
connector/xmpp/config.go connector/xmpp/xmpp.go \
connector/mattermost/mattermost.go connector/mattermost/config.go \
connector/external/external.go connector/external/config.go \
web.go account.go main.go server.go db.go util.go
all: $(BIN)
$(BIN): $(SRC)
go get -d -v
go build -v -o $(BIN)
docker: $(BIN)
docker build -t $(DOCKER):$(TAG) .
docker push $(DOCKER):$(TAG)
docker tag $(DOCKER):$(TAG) $(DOCKER):latest
docker push $(DOCKER):latest
docker_clean: $(BIN)
docker build --no-cache -t $(DOCKER):$(TAG) .
docker push $(DOCKER):$(TAG)
docker tag $(DOCKER):$(TAG) $(DOCKER):latest
docker push $(DOCKER):latest