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Garage Admin SDK

For SDK users

The SDK is currently only available for Python.


You need at least Python 3.6, pip, and setuptools. Because the python package is in a subfolder, the command is a bit more complicated than usual:

pip3 install --user 'git+'

Now, let imagine you have a fresh Garage instance running on localhost, with the admin API configured on port 3903 with the bearer s3cr3t:

import garage_admin_sdk
from garage_admin_sdk.api import nodes_api, layout_api, key_api
from garage_admin_sdk.model.node_cluster_info import NodeClusterInfo
from garage_admin_sdk.model.layout_version import LayoutVersion
from garage_admin_sdk.model.add_key_request import AddKeyRequest
from garage_admin_sdk.model.update_key_request import UpdateKeyRequest
from garage_admin_sdk.model.update_key_request_allow import UpdateKeyRequestAllow

configuration = garage_admin_sdk.Configuration(
  host = "http://localhost:3903/v0",
  access_token = "s3cr3t"

# Init APIs
api = garage_admin_sdk.ApiClient(configuration)
nodes = nodes_api.NodesApi(api)
layout = layout_api.LayoutApi(api)
keys = key_api.KeyApi(api)

# Display some info on the node
status = nodes.get_nodes()
print(f"running garage {status.garage_version}, node_id {status.node}")

# Change layout of this node
current = layout.get_layout()
  status.node: NodeClusterInfo(
    zone = "dc1",
    capacity = 1,
    tags = [ "dev" ],
  version = current.version + 1

# Create key, allow it to create buckets
kinfo = keys.add_key(AddKeyRequest(name="openapi"))

allow_create = UpdateKeyRequestAllow(create_bucket=True)
keys.update_key(kinfo.access_key_id, UpdateKeyRequest(allow=allow_create))

# Display key
cluster ready
key id is {kinfo.access_key_id}
secret key is {kinfo.secret_access_key}

This example is named in the example folder. Other python examples are also available.

See also:

For SDK developpers

PR are accepted for other languages as soon as meaningful, manually written, covering a large range of the API are provided. Thanks in advance :-)

Clone this repo

git clone ...
git submodule update --init

(Re)generate libraries

# Check the OpenAPI spec file
gradle validate 

# (re)build the python client
gradle buildPythonClient

Support a new language

Read the doc:
We use the Gradle plugins:
Many generators exist: