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@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ Au sein de [Deuxfleurs](,
nous développons notre propre suite de logiciel distribués :
[Garage]( pour le stockage de données,
[Diplonat]( pour la configuration déclarative du réseau,
[Bottin]( pour et bien d'[autres](
[Bottin]( pour la gestion des comptes,
et bien d'[autres logiciels](
De manière individuelle, je maintiens un paquet communautaire pour [Chez Scheme](
J'ai également quelques contributions occasionnelles dans plusieurs logiciels libres, comme [Jenkins](, [LXC](, [Matrix]( ou [Plume](


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title: About
permalink: /en/about/
permalink: en/about/
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Hello there,
Hello, dear visitor,
My name is Quentin Dufour, and I'm currently studying Computer Science at [INSA Rennes](, France.
I put online this website in 2012, when I was still in high school, to share my discovery about computers.
Since then, computers are now my work and I still enjoy discovering and sharing knowledge about them.
In the following, you should get a quick overview of what get me busy outside of my blog posts.
I worked as an intern with [OpenStudio](, [Digitevent]( and [Créancio](
## Now Now Now
I'm part of [InsaLan](, a french lan party, [Ouest INSA](, a [Junior Enterprise]( and [QuarahTK](, a video game community.
I am currently improving [Deuxfleurs]('s code and infrastructure,
our non-profit experimental hosting service where
we think how to make computers and networks more convivial, fair and emancipating.
In parallel, I am seeking a job in accordance with the ethic we follow at Deuxfleurs.
I'm also a freelance (auto-entrepreneur) during my free time. Feel free to phone me at +33 6 76 79 99 88 or email me at []( !
Link: [What is a Now section?](
And if you want to read more articles, take a look at these blogs : [Colombette](, [Elbat](, [Lesterpig](
## Contributions to free software
At [Deuxfleurs](,
we develop our own distributed software suite:
[Garage]( to store data,
[Diplonat]( to declaratively configure the network,
[Bottin]( to manage accounts,
and many [other software](
Individually, I maintain a community repository for [Chez Scheme](
I have also some occasional contributions to some free software, like
[Jenkins](, [LXC](, [Matrix]( or [Plume](
Links: [Gitea]( --- [Github](
## Professional experience
I have a computer engineering degree from [INSA Rennes](
During my studies, I did internships at [OpenStudio](, [Digitevent](, [Créancio](, [Orckestra]( and the [ANSSI](
I pursued with a Ph.D. degree in the [WIDE]( team at [Inria Rennes](
I worked on anonymity networks (Tor) and gossip protocols. I published the following documents:
- Yérom-David Bromberg, Quentin Dufour, Davide Frey. Multisource Rumor Spreading with Network Coding. INFOCOM 2019 - IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, Apr 2019, Paris, France. pp.1-10. [⟨hal-01946632⟩](
- Quentin Dufour, under the supervision of Yérom-David Bromberg. High-throughput real-time onion networks to protect everyone’s privacy. [⟨theses-s204646⟩](
Links: [Thesis Manuscript](/these.pdf) --- [CV](/cv.pdf) --- [LinkedIn](
## Contact me
E-mail: `quentin``@```.
Matrix: `@``quentin``:```
Links: [SSH Key](/assets/misc/quentin_ssh.txt) --- [PGP Key](/assets/misc/quentin_pgp.txt)
## Friend websites
* [Alex Auvolat]( - Computer science, distributed system
* [Coline Aubert]( - Graphic design
* [Esther Bouquet]( - Space and graphic design
* [Loïck Bonniot]( - {Dev, Hack, Science, Privacy, OSS}
* [Tristan Claverie]( - Security
* [Louison Gitzinger]( - Music & Machine Learning, Android
* [Jean Guégant]( - C++, security, game dev
* [Florian Le Minoux]( - System, Linux
* [Adrien Luxey]( - Research, decentralized networks
* [Maximilien Richer]( - System, DevOps
Documents: [My Curriculum Vitae](/cv_en.pdf)
Find me on : [Github]( and [Twitter](
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