• 0.2.2 d92ae5220c

    0.2.2 Stable

    quentin released this 2024-02-23 18:19:08 +00:00 | 1 commits to main since this release

    • Add support for Dovecot Auth inlined continuation (resp=<base64>)
    • Accept SASL requests for non-empty Authorization fields (as long as it's the same as the Authentication field)
    • Increase pipelinable commands to 64
    • Upgrade imap-flow to fix LITERAL+ (was wrongly sending a continuation)
    • Rewrite IDLE implementation to use the imap-flow implementation
    • For FETCH and SEARCH queries, when the email body is requested, stream emails one by one instead of loading the full mailbox in memory
    • When instantiating a K2V or a S3 client, use a shared thread pool / http client to reduce base per-user memory usage

    @n-peugnet, @lx, @maxime, and @mrflos helped tracking bugs and reviewed the software. Thanks to them.

    Download the latest version: https://aerogramme.deuxfleurs.fr/download/
    Read the blog post: https://aerogramme.deuxfleurs.fr/blog/2024-predictability-and-correctness/

  • 0.2.1 3dfe914fda

    0.2.1 Stable

    quentin released this 2024-02-10 16:31:15 +00:00 | 24 commits to main since this release

    • Fixed leading dot for messages delivered through LMTP #77
    • Fixed IDLE going to infinite loop when client disconnects #84
    • Fixed missing LDAP attributes when using Garage as the backend #93
    • Fixed broken logic with the Garage K2V storage implementation #93

    Download the latest version at https://aerogramme.deuxfleurs.fr/download/

  • 0.2.0 414634f597

    0.2.0 Stable

    quentin released this 2024-01-25 09:36:38 +00:00 | 35 commits to main since this release

    This version can be summarized as supporting a significant subset of the IMAP4 ecosystem (so IMAP4rev1 but also many other extensions) so that Aerogramme can be integrated in a real-world small deployment.

    A non-exhaustive list of changes:

    • Behavior testing of the IMAP protocol
    • Rework the whole CLI
    • Rework how cryptographic keys are handled
    • Implementation of IMAP Search, IMAP Check and the IMAP Append command
    • Debug of the Sequence Id iterator
    • Abstract storage behind an interface, add an in-memory storage feature to ease development
    • Migration from rusoto (deprecated) to aws-sdk
    • Migration from imap-codec 0.5 to imap-codec 1.0
    • Integration of imap-flow
    • Implement IDLE
    • Implement CONDSTORE
    • Implement LITERAL+
    • Implement proper continuation handling
    • Implement the MOVE extension
    • Implement LIST-STATUS
    • Implement UNSELECT
    • Implement UIDPLUS
    • Implement ENABLE
    • Add support for the Dovecot Auth Protocol
    • Add support for IMAP TLS
    • Fixed many bugs

    To get a binary: https://aerogramme.deuxfleurs.fr/download/

  • 0.1.0 90c37677ab

    quentin released this 2023-07-25 23:00:44 +00:00 | 246 commits to main since this release