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Quentin 862e8ce876
Add license in the readme 5 months ago
Quentin 5483db8dd4
Add the AGPLv3 license 5 months ago
adrien 4560622fa1 Merge pull request 'Allow Diplonat to automatically detect it's private IP' (#12) from autodetect-private-ip into main 9 months ago
adrien 7760b9c58f repaired test, now that private IP is an Option 9 months ago
Alex 3b9e75634a
Allow Diplonat to automatically detect it's private IP 9 months ago
Quentin 4d4d453afa Merge pull request 'Extensively use rustfmt' (#11) from quality/rustfmt into main 1 year ago
Quentin 68cb4d5482
Use the official rust image 1 year ago
Quentin fd3a153103
Fix the CONTRIBUTING doc for the new formatting 1 year ago
Quentin 7d478d9976
Stricter Rust formating rules and build in the CI 1 year ago
Quentin 2bbc910999 Merge pull request 'added rustfmt, a guide about this, and a CI job to enforce code quality' (#10) from adrien/diplonat:meta/formating into main 1 year ago
adrien bf226d077e added a line to CI to actually install rustfmt on the runner 1 year ago
adrien f720070905 added rustfmt: a rustfmt.toml file diescribing syntax (soft tabs of 2 spaces), a CONTRIBUTING.md file to explain how to use rustfmt, a .drone.yml file to add code style checks in CI, 2 lines in README.md to present CONTRIBUTING.md, and applied rustfmt on the source 1 year ago
Quentin fa25c54e47 Merge pull request 'Environment parsing done with Serde Envy' (#5) from adrien/diplonat:feature/config-handling into main 1 year ago
adrien 8b57fb2680 Merge pull request 'Edited README: declare system dependency to a TLS library' (#4) from adrien/diplonat:main into main 1 year ago
LUXEY Adrien 0f114f2134 a last pass to remove warnings from my code 1 year ago
LUXEY Adrien 644e707956 environment.rs successfully replaced with new config/ configuration loader. No API changes, more tests, cleaner code: life is swell. 1 year ago
LUXEY Adrien ae9550ce23 New configuration parsing using envy. Added minimal functionnality for 1 year ago
LUXEY Adrien 41b4786f78 edited README: declare system dependency to a TLS library 1 year ago
darkgallium ade0090cdb change image name 2 years ago
Quentin 7ec74a21d4 Merge pull request 'Automatically manage firewall rules (iptables) for services' (#1) from add-firewall-rules into master 2 years ago
darkgallium 4f4b6b048d corrections after review 2 years ago
darkgallium a59ed38121 ensure chain jump is added only once 2 years ago
darkgallium 6fe86469ee update README & Dockerfile 2 years ago
darkgallium d2ae084fc1 add actor for firewall & massive refactor 2 years ago
darkgallium a2d2582098 add better error handling 2 years ago
darkgallium 2dbf9da005 changing backend to use the cleaner ipt bindings 2 years ago
darkgallium 1a9199011d first basic support for adding nft rules 2 years ago
Quentin 5dd4544360 Dockerize app 2 years ago
Quentin 3e2ea02d62 Working IGD 2 years ago
Quentin 941942aeda WIP igd actor 2 years ago
Quentin c8742b1f14 Connecting elements 2 years ago
Quentin e1d0eadb9d WIP software 2 years ago
Quentin deeecd93e1 Rewrite for clarity 2 years ago
Quentin 5fafc1cb64 Handle UDP/TCP 2 years ago
Quentin ec777652c1 Better retry mechanism 2 years ago
Quentin 28b661aa47 Fix tag format 2 years ago
Quentin 453b1c684e Working parsing 2 years ago
Quentin 4cebe77b6f Consul Actor basic logic works 2 years ago
Quentin efbbc17f82 WIP consul actor 2 years ago
Quentin fe1d91fe06 WIP consul 2 years ago
Quentin 4cce225043 Some guidelines 2 years ago
Quentin d583c17782 We are now able to watch 2 years ago
Quentin 2a6b440270 Working Consul 2 years ago
Quentin 8c43611eb5 Broken Diplonat 2 years ago
Quentin 4da459ce8b Working on logic 2 years ago
Quentin feadc844c0 WIP loops 2 years ago
Quentin 32d62d1349 Bullet points are needed ^^ 2 years ago
Quentin b007587acc Remove bullet points 2 years ago
Quentin 605a5205db Add some content to the README 2 years ago
Quentin 00c2039034 Rewrite as an object 2 years ago