docs(book/quickstart): adapt aws s3 commands to example
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@ -290,13 +290,13 @@ sourcing the right file.*
aws s3 ls
# list objects of a bucket
aws s3 ls s3://my_files
aws s3 ls s3://nextcloud-bucket
# copy from your filesystem to garage
aws s3 cp /proc/cpuinfo s3://my_files/cpuinfo.txt
aws s3 cp /proc/cpuinfo s3://nextcloud-bucket/cpuinfo.txt
# copy from garage to your filesystem
aws s3 cp s3/my_files/cpuinfo.txt /tmp/cpuinfo.txt
aws s3 cp s3://nextcloud-bucket/cpuinfo.txt /tmp/cpuinfo.txt
Note that you can use `awscli` for more advanced operations like