• Pre-Release v0.3.0 b9127dd6f8

    Garage v0.3.0

    lx released this 5 months ago | 21 commits to main since this release


    • Highly improved codebase and documentation quality

    • Garage can now work in 1-node and 2-node configurations thanks to a
      new parameter replication_mode that can be used to change
      replication to none or two-way replication

    • Support for gateway-only nodes (these nodes do not store data directly
      but they can be used in certain scenarios to make requests faster)

    • Datacenters are now called zones, as there are cases where it makes
      sense to have nodes in different physical locations belong to the same
      zone, and conversely

    • New command garage stats to inspect cluster status

    • New API endpoints: ListBuckets, GetBucketLocation, GetBucketVersioning

    • XML response are now made with a real serializer so they should be
      correct (several XML encoding bugs fixed)

    • S3 API now returns errors in XML format with codes similar to real S3
      return codes

    • Minio-client mostly works, preliminary support for Duck

    • Bootstrap & peer discovery improvements (peer list is now persisted to

    • Sled by default uses smaller cache (128MB), and can now be changed in
      the config file

    Binaries are available for the following architectures:

    • aarch64 - (eg. Helios64)
    • x86_64 - (eg. your laptop or desktop computer)
    • armv7 - (eg. the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B)
    • arm