Garage website including blog system and documentation using Zola
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Garage Website

¡ Work in progress (almost done) !


  • Install Zola with pacman -S zola
  • Clone this repo
  • Run npm install to get the dev dependencies
  • Run zola build to get the public directory
  • Run npm start to compile styles and scripts
  • Run zola serve


CSS : 28.4 kB

JS : 6.8 kB (app) + 1.2 MB (search)*

*The search index in loaded only when the user opens the search modal

Images + Icons : 1.1 MB

Fonctions & utilities

JavaScript can be disabled and the website will still run nicely. It only brings QoL advantages for the user.

The function is [x] if it still runs without JavaScript enabled.

  • Responsive main navigation menu (toggle)
  • Documentation : user can deploy or reploy ToC submenus
  • Documentation : deploy only the current ToC submenu after a page change
  • Documentation : sidebar focus effect on current section anchor when user scrolls
  • Documentation : ToC that follows the user's scroll
  • Global search