70 Commits (main)

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Quentin 216e175eaf
Remove a too strict check from admin interface 3 days ago
Quentin d26f5670bd
Fix typo in config example 7 days ago
darkgallium 59c29e9c76 show everyone in the directory page by default 1 month ago
Alex a187ae72cb
remove useless newline 1 month ago
Alex b1316fb653
go fmt 1 month ago
Alex 01bf4aa522
Fix directory searching 1 month ago
Alex e94bd728ec
Improve profile editing page & photo uploading 1 month ago
Alex 9e3279b9c0
Fail when no config file is given, add example in repo 1 month ago
MrArmonius f00702b51c
Correction Review Alex 2 months ago
MrArmonius a2a484daba
Add profile image front-end and back-end 2 months ago
MrArmonius 0ca6a159b2
Message ID send from Client 2 months ago
MrArmonius 815e9bfe2a
Add Description and visibility attributes 2 months ago
MrArmonius cf4918e901
Add MessageID for asynchronous request 2 months ago
MrArmonius 819d7bf02f
New HTML Directory 2 months ago
MrArmonius b1ce932cd6
Add Route + file Directory.go 2 months ago
MrArmonius fa5476e963
Little JS to find the users with visibility = all 2 months ago
Alex 0a1ac27efb
Cleanup code in admin.go 1 month ago
MrArmonius 3d7b4a9f68 Add Datalist to help search users or group in LDAP admin page 2 months ago
MrArmonius 353f9600f3 Fix @ symbol on the login page 3 months ago
MrArmonius 6c5398527e Fix deadlink "the directory" at the the end of README 3 months ago
Alex bfeccfe191 Add Drone CI signature 6 months ago
Alex d6f4be04c6 Drone badge for branch main 6 months ago
Alex 662901496d add Drone CI 7 months ago
Alex 036d574c9a Fix Deuxfleurs link 2 years ago
Alex 210753cf92 Fix link 2 years ago
Alex ddbe7eaf9d Complete README 2 years ago
Alex e1b5980f27 Use Argon2 hash function 2 years ago
Alex 193e28cf00 Remember who invited who 2 years ago
Alex d78ce5309a Remove annoying error message 2 years ago
Alex 9bfd7f8d51 Add SSL certs to container for SMTP STARTTLS 2 years ago
Alex 3dca3a2e33 Update docker image version 2 years ago
Alex c2f229f085 Fix code generation form template 2 years ago
Alex 244a2434e4 Invitation mechanism with codes etc 2 years ago
Alex 151a31a425 Invitation mechanism with codes etc 2 years ago
Alex 768f2de916 Mechanism to create new account 2 years ago
Alex ad00d0623e Update Docker image 2 years ago
Alex 721eda63f8 Prettier message when wrong username or password on login 2 years ago
Alex b3d6854d82 Use more appropriate `description` instead of `displayname` for everything except users 2 years ago
Alex 3fbbe61a46 Refactor is_admin check 2 years ago
Alex 7ca56ba8df Disable email modification in user profile 2 years ago
Alex 86bf6a131d Rebuild Docker container 2 years ago
Alex dc9b2bc458 Fix several group membership issue 2 years ago
Alex 0dca53bca0 Add nomad hcl example 2 years ago
Alex 9a6e24aea0 Containerize 2 years ago
Alex 7ab5451a3f A true arobase symbol 2 years ago
Alex e2e8a443ae Better tools for initial setup 2 years ago
Alex 61a76f624d Make some values non deletable 2 years ago
Alex b194b5f7eb Fix creation form 2 years ago
Alex 9f891bdb9a Minor UI changes 2 years ago
Alex a6114cda7c Addresse exemple 2 years ago