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OBSOLETION NOTICE: We are progressively migrating our stack to NixOS, to replace Ansible. Most of the files present in this repository are outdated or obsolete, the current code for our infrastructure is at:

I am lost, how this repo works?

To ease the development, we make the choice of a fully integrated environment

  1. os the base os for the cluster
    1. build: where you will build our OS image based on Debian that you will install on your server
    2. config: our Ansible recipes to configure and update your freshly installed server
  2. apps apps we deploy on the cluster
    1. build: our Docker files to build immutable images of our applications
    2. integration: Our Docker compose files to test locally how our built images interact together
    3. config: Files containing application configurations to be deployed on Consul Key Value Store
    4. deployment: Files containing application definitions to be deployed on Nomad Scheduler
  3. op_guide: Guides to explain you operations you can do cluster wide (like configuring postgres)