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Now Playing

Collection of Handpicked Albums by the Guérilla.Studio

Project setup

Install hugo

Install Documentation

Launch dev server

hugo server

Build for production

hugo --baseURL $URL

As it $URL is an env variable but you can harcode it in the build command.

Use NetlifyCMS backoffice in local mode

This website use NetlifyCMS backoffice to manage albums easily. And it's possible to use it while working in local:

Install JS dependencies

npm i

of if you don't want to impact the package-lock

npm ci

Run local API

  1. Uncomment the local_backend line in static/config.yml
  2. Launch hugo developement server
  3. launch this command in another terminal npx netlify-cms-proxy-server (inside the project folder)

Admin your website in local

Go to you website's local url + /admin (by default it's http://localhost:1312/admin). Enjoy!


  • Higgcss - The minimal CSS framework used as skeleton
  • Wryk for the help and support 💜
  • Deuxfleurs for the wonderful distributed hosting infrastructure (running Garage)
    Website hosted by Deuxfleurs Infrastructure powered by Garage


  • All albums visuals and streaming services logos rights belong entirely to their respective owners
  • Code is under “I'm so tired” 1.0 license. Please take the time to read and check if you're allowed to use it before doing so. (Thank you luna who made it [source].)