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MrArmonius a53641e773 Correct the function GenerateName
The problem was the encode in `name += string(alphabet[])`
It takes only 1 byte but the characters like 'è','@' are encoding
on several bytes (1 to 4 bytes).
The better solution was to create a slice of string, like this
we don't have problem about take only one byte instead of 2,3 or 4
2 years ago
MrArmonius 9a8c19ec0f Bottin's Test V2.0 with Framework Testing
V2 the test end-to-end,
Tests made similar to V1.0,

Add the possibility to pararellize the tests,
Create an environnement for easy integration of news test,
2 years ago
MrArmonius da627ac39a Script in ash to launch our test V1.0 (end-to-end) in a Consul's
2 years ago
MrArmonius a98556d5c1 Test End-to-end V1.0, testing Bottin's behavior
Tests wrote in golang without framework Testing on the Bottin's behavior

Tests made:
- crated random Users and Group - LDAP ADD
- check the match between Consul's data and Test's data- LDAP
- modify attributes and check them -
  LDAP Modify
2 years ago
Alex aa912b5ceb Add drone signature 2 years ago
Alex c32d605a11 Fix logo in readme 2 years ago
Alex 91bd4c35dd Drone CI badge for branch main 2 years ago
Alex 2b0c6f09ff Update bottin version in hcl example 2 years ago
Alex 99d8955ab3 Refactor & add case normalization logic to putAttributes 2 years ago
Alex 1a20a64eff Refactoring 2 years ago
Alex dc3fd4df65 Use consul's stale reads by default 2 years ago
Alex b17e3fe3c7 Add bottin CI badge 2 years ago
Alex af6dd95107 test add drone CI 2 years ago
Alex e4b5c67be0 Style changes 3 years ago
Alex 4367e4a232 Fix horrible, horrible bug 3 years ago
Alex f43934a7b9 Fix image link in 3 years ago
Alex 15b2b812bf Add use case paragraph in README 3 years ago
Alex f244607a7a Mention Guichet in README 3 years ago
Alex 825aa77089 Hopefully, fix most case-sensitivity issues
- DNs are always used in canonical form: lowercase, no spaces. This is
  how they are internally handled and stored in paths and fields such as
  member and memberof
- Attribute names now can have any combination of lower/uppercase and
  stuff should work
- When modifying an attribute with a name that hase a different
  lower/upper combination than the previously stored value, keep the
  previous attribute name
- Trim spaces from values and do not store empty values
3 years ago
Alex 0c4d55895c Update docker image version 3 years ago
Alex afcad41e85 Use lowercase attributes objectclass and structuralobjectclass 3 years ago
Alex fd6a555216 Ensure objects have an objectclass property 3 years ago
Alex 81328aa321 Update docker image to version 12 3 years ago
Alex 13d8cf028a Add a function to resync member/memberOf values over the database 3 years ago
Alex 49be2069f6 Refactor memberOf management logic 3 years ago
Alex 6f893138a3 Make getAttribute return an empty array instead of nil when key not found 3 years ago
Alex 851573e28f Fix equality test in ldap compare request 3 years ago
Alex c3d30df155 Update Docker image 3 years ago
Alex 8ca2d39971 Optimize some kv.List requests to not list all children 3 years ago
Alex e52a1f74a3 Handle search attribute * 3 years ago
Alex 9e365d4b53 Update nomad hcl file to use template instead of artifact 3 years ago
Alex 938311a48e Make Makefile more generic 3 years ago
Alex 8e819b7d5c Modify initial administrator account to include displayname attribute 3 years ago
Alex 0402f7806a Implement (inefficiently) search scopes 3 years ago
Quentin d02bd17b16 Fix logo path (broken due to repo renaming) 3 years ago
Alex adc5ecdbbc Change some Printf's to Debugf's 3 years ago
Alex f32c272db2 Merge branch 'gomod' of Deuxfleurs/bottin into master 3 years ago
Maximilien Richer a6faceb559
Import upstream lor00x/goldap reposity 3 years ago
Maximilien Richer 3644fdfe61
Rename go module to bottin 3 years ago
Alex 0c801e02d5 Remove spaces between dn components, use warnings when necessary 3 years ago
Alex 4c037dcb94 Bug fix: case-insensitive value match (except for passwords) 3 years ago
Alex e9e7a4cb4b Update README with accurate info on how to build Bottin 3 years ago
Maximilien Richer 0274ab0038
Implements go modules
Following errors compiling with go 1.13
See for details.
3 years ago
Alex 8de94a32a8 CSS 3 years ago
Alex 7f47dce4a6 Absolute url 3 years ago
Alex 827083fb29 Add bottin logo 3 years ago
Alex e8ce6e33e5 Something that actually works 3 years ago
Alex da2c37bb95 Better logging 3 years ago
Alex c3bfcdf9a1 Fix password comparison 3 years ago
Alex 2f9ad411c7 Fix missing newline after TLS warning 3 years ago