701 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Quentin 0cf4efac89 Compile kuberetes-discovery only when release=true 2 months ago
Alex 9d0ed78887 Add feature flag for Kubernetes discovery 2 months ago
Alex 509d256c58
Make layout optimization work in relative terms 2 months ago
Alex 2814d41842
Allow `garage layout assign` to assign to several nodes at once 2 months ago
Alex 7e0e2ffda2
Slight change and add comment to layout assignation algo 2 months ago
Alex 413ab0eaed
Small change to partition assignation algorithm 4 months ago
Alex 43945234ae
Add missing src/block to toplevel cargo.toml 2 months ago
Alex 3dc9214172
Add lots of comments on how the resync queue works 2 months ago
Alex 077dd1cde9
Clippy 2 months ago
Alex 2d13f0aa13
run cargo2nix 2 months ago
Alex e480aaf338
Make background tranquility a configurable parameter 2 months ago
Alex 8fd6745745
Move block RC code to separate `rc.rs` 2 months ago
Alex c3982a90b6
Move DataBlock out of manager.rs 2 months ago
Alex c1d9854d2c
Move block manager to separate module 2 months ago
trinity-1686a 8565f7dc31 cleanup 2 months ago
trinity-1686a 8db6b84559 add test for create bucket and put website with streaming signature 2 months ago
trinity-1686a 1eb7fdb08f add test framework for arbitraty S3 requests 3 months ago
Jill e934934f14 garage_api: Update streaming payload stream unit tests 3 months ago
Jill 98545a16dd garage_api: Handle streaming payload early in request handling 3 months ago
Alex 822128e3c8 Talk a bit about capacity balancing between regions 2 months ago
Rune Henriksen aea8b41728 document request routing logic 2 months ago
Rune Henriksen 71e6645e09 add short tutorial for duplicati usage with garage 2 months ago
Steam 15da2156f6 Change position of the node-id argument 2 months ago
Quentin 0529f3c34d Patch cargo2nix openssl override 2 months ago
Alex db46cdef79
Update netapp to v0.4.1 2 months ago
Alex ba6b56ae68
Fix some new clippy lints 3 months ago
Alex 0af314b295
Add comment for fsync 3 months ago
Alex d78bf379fb
Fix resync queue to not drop items 3 months ago
Alex f7e6f4616f
Spawn a single resync worker 3 months ago
Alex dc5ec4ecf9
Add appropriate fsync() calls in write_block 3 months ago
Alex fe62d01b7e
Implement exponential backoff for resync retries 3 months ago
Alex bfb4353df5
Update Grafana dashboard 3 months ago
Alex 9b2b531f4d
Make admin server optional 3 months ago
Alex a19341b188
Add Grafana dashboard for Garage 3 months ago
Alex 2377a92f6b
Add wrapper over sled tree to count items (used for big queues) 3 months ago
Alex 203e8d2c34
Bump version to 0.7 because of incompatible Netapp 3 months ago
Alex f869ca625d
Add spans to table calls, change span names in RPC 3 months ago
Alex 0cc31ee169
add missing netapp telemetry feature 3 months ago
Alex dc8d0496cc
Refactoring: rename config files, make modifications less invasive 3 months ago
Alex d9a35359bf
Add metrics to web endpoint 3 months ago
Alex 2a5609b292
Add metrics to API endpoint 3 months ago
Alex 818daa5c78
Refactor how durations are measured 3 months ago
Alex f0d0cd9a20
Remove strum crate dependency; add protobuf nix dependency 3 months ago
Alex 55d4471599
Remove ... at end of hex IDs 3 months ago
Alex bb04d94fa9
Update to Netapp 0.4 which supports distributed tracing 3 months ago
Alex 8c2fb0c066
Add tracing integration with opentelemetry 3 months ago
Maximilien b6561f6e1b
Add docker-compose for traces & metrics 3 months ago
Alex 2cab84b1fe
Add many metrics in table/ and rpc/ 3 months ago
Maximilien R 1e2cf26373
Implement basic metrics in table 3 months ago
mricher e349af13a7
Update dependencies and add admin module with metrics 8 months ago