Alex c94406f428
Improve how node roles are assigned in Garage
- change the terminology: the network configuration becomes the role
  table, the configuration of a nodes becomes a node's role
- the modification of the role table takes place in two steps: first,
  changes are staged in a CRDT data structure. Then, once the user is
  happy with the changes, they can commit them all at once (or revert
- update documentation
- fix tests
- implement smarter partition assignation algorithm

This patch breaks the format of the network configuration: when
migrating, the cluster will be in a state where no roles are assigned.
All roles must be re-assigned and commited at once. This migration
should not pose an issue.
2021-11-16 16:05:53 +01:00

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Garage is a lightweight S3-compatible distributed object store, with the following goals:

  • As self-contained as possible
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly resilient to network failures, network latency, disk failures, sysadmin failures
  • Relatively simple
  • Made for multi-datacenter deployments

Non-goals include:

  • Extremely high performance
  • Complete implementation of the S3 API
  • Erasure coding (our replication model is simply to copy the data as is on several nodes, in different datacenters if possible)

Our main use case is to provide a distributed storage layer for small-scale self hosted services such as Deuxfleurs.