My dotfiles
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Adrien Luxey's dotfiles

ZSH, Tmux, Vim and Sublime Text dotfiles for Debian-based distros ( using apt).


First download submodules:

  • Push your new host's SSH key to your account.
  • git submodule update --init

Use to install the dependencies, Oh-My-Zsh, pull tmux and vim plugins, remove your previous dotfiles and symlink the new ones:

$ ./ -h

    -s|--sublime    Install Sublime Text 3
    -h|--help               Show this help

    The script will install dependencies once (remove $HOME/.installed to redo) and symlink dotfiles to their destination in your $HOME.

If you want to do your own thing from these dotfiles, go read

Some docs & refs


Public Domain, i.e. do whatever you want with this, but don't come and complain.