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An elegant and understated theme for Zola

Zola Inky (view demo) is a theme by jimmyff and mr-karan for the Zola static site generator. This theme was originally based on the hugo-ink theme, ported by mr-karan. It was then packaged and developed further by jimmyff. The theme is available on Github under the MIT license, for more information on how to use it please see the readme and check the changelog for a list of the latest changes.


Changes compared to the original

The main objective of the fork is to have no external dependencies (Google fonts, CDN...). It also adds flexibility.

Stop using Google fonts

The required fonts are loaded locally from the theme itself.

Use fork-awesome for icons

Fork-awesome is used instead of feather, because it has more icons (e.g. a proper Mastodon icon).

In addition, all icons are loaded locally from the theme itself.

You can override the content of the footer by overriding base.html. There are three blocks available:

  • footer_left: contains social and RSS buttons by default
  • footer_center: empty by default
  • footer_right: contains attributions by default (please keep the link to the original theme author)

Here is an example that you can put in templates/base.html in your website:

{% extends "zola-inky/templates/base.html" %}

{% block footer_center %}
<a target="_blank" href="https://deuxfleurs.fr/"><img src="{{ get_url(path='deuxfleurs_en.png') }}" alt="Badge showing the website is hosted by Deuxfleurs" title="Website hosted by Deuxfleurs"></a>
{% endblock footer_center %}

{% block footer_right %}
Licence: CC-BY-SA {{ config.title }} {{ now() | date(format="%Y") }}
Powered by <a target="_blank" href="https://getzola.org/">Zola</a>.
Theme: <a target="_blank" href="https://github.com/jimmyff/zola-inky">Inky</a> (<a href="https://git.deuxfleurs.fr/baptiste/zola-inky-fork">fork</a>).
{% endblock footer_right %}

Styling for tables

See https://blog.bitsofnetworks.org/riscv-performance-power-usage/