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A self-contained example of a static publishing platform for websites with Garage, Drone, StaticCMS and Gitea.

Updated 1 month ago

My dotfiles

Updated 6 months ago

Noyeux Zanniversaireuuuh

Updated 3 years ago

Automatically connect wireguard nodes together in a full mesh topology

Updated 4 hours ago

Scripts and such to automate things

Updated 1 year ago

CI/CD interface for Gitea/Nomad

Updated 5 days ago

My custom Nix repository

Updated 2 weeks ago

An easy to set-up simple pupetting bridge for talking to all your IM contacts through Matrix

Updated 2 years ago

Réflexions et ressources liées à l'identité visuelle de Deuxfleurs

Updated 5 months ago

Backup, Crypto, Stream things

Updated 2 years ago

a bare-minimum init

Updated 3 years ago

How to efficiently provide email access to our users?

Updated 2 years ago

x11 screenshot tool

Updated 2 years ago

Deuxfleurs patches for alps webmail (from

Updated 4 months ago

We bought a Compex WPJ 428 board + a SIMCom 8202G LTE/5GNR modem and we try to make it work on OpenWRT

Updated 11 months ago

Seafile On-Disk File Storage Recovery Tool

Updated 2 years ago

Capitainerie is a slightly modified docker registry.

Updated 2 years ago

A tool to spawn and destroy VM quickly, targeted at experiment

Updated 2 years ago

Rencontres Francophones de l'Infonuagique Décentralisée

Updated 1 year ago

Nix system configuration for Deuxfleurs clusters

Updated 2 days ago