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    lx released this 2022-09-13 10:57:39 +00:00 | 7 commits to main since this release

    Netapp v0.5.0, as published on crates.io

    Introduces an API to attach streams of data to requests and response.
    This allows to transfer big blocks of data in a streaming fashion
    and process them as they come on each end, instead of having to wait
    for the full transfer to be done.

    This release is a major refactor of Netapp, which should allow many
    performance improvements. Netapp now supports easily cloning requests
    that need to be sent to multiple nodes thanks to an intermediate struct
    Req. Netapp can also have an order tag attached to requests and
    responses to indicate that several messages are part of a same logical
    sequence of messages, and that they should be sent in that order
    (sending them in a different order isn't bad but it's a sub-optimal use
    of network resources).