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Hello, dear visitor,

I put online this website in 2012, when I was still in high school, to share my discovery about computers. Since then, computers are now my work and I still enjoy discovering and sharing knowledge about them. In the following, you should get a quick overview of what get me busy outside of my blog posts.

Now Now Now

I am currently improving Deuxfleurs's code and infrastructure, our non-profit experimental hosting service where we think how to make computers and networks more convivial, fair and emancipating. In parallel, I am seeking a job in accordance with the ethic we follow at Deuxfleurs.

Link: What is a Now section?

Contributions to free software

At Deuxfleurs, we develop our own distributed software suite: Garage to store data, Diplonat to declaratively configure the network, Bottin to manage accounts, and many other software. Individually, I maintain a community repository for Chez Scheme. I have also some occasional contributions to some free software, like Jenkins, LXC, Matrix or Plume.

Links: Gitea --- Github

Professional experience

I have a computer engineering degree from INSA Rennes. During my studies, I did internships at OpenStudio, Digitevent, Créancio, Orckestra and the ANSSI. I pursued with a Ph.D. degree in the WIDE team at Inria Rennes. I worked on anonymity networks (Tor) and gossip protocols. I published the following documents:

  • Yérom-David Bromberg, Quentin Dufour, Davide Frey. Multisource Rumor Spreading with Network Coding. INFOCOM 2019 - IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, Apr 2019, Paris, France. pp.1-10. ⟨hal-01946632⟩
  • Quentin Dufour, under the supervision of Yérom-David Bromberg. High-throughput real-time onion networks to protect everyone’s privacy. ⟨theses-s204646⟩

Links: Thesis Manuscript --- CV --- LinkedIn

Contact me

E-mail: quentin``@``
Matrix: @``quentin``:``

Links: SSH Key --- PGP Key

Friend websites

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