We bought a Compex WPJ 428 board + a Simtech 8202G LTE/5GNR modem and we try to make it work on OpenWRT
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WPJ428 + SIMCOM 8202G

We see this project as a way to assess how well we can regain control/understanding on our NR5G/LTE routers.
And for now the answer seems to be "very little".

Our case study is a NR5G router as the main Internet access point in a place where we have no signal on our cellphones. Thus, we need external antennas that are put in the roof. Additionnaly, we want to maximizme the throughput (both RX and TX) and minimize latency while keeping a stable connection over time.

Our project is currently made of the following physical parts:

We try to document our journey here: