Interface web pour gérer le LDAP: changer son mot de passe, ses infos de profil, inviter des gens, administration
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Build Status

Guichet is a simple LDAP web interface for the following tasks:

  • self-service password change
  • administration of the LDAP directory
  • inviting new users to create accounts

Guichet works well with the Bottin LDAP server. Currently, Guichet's templates are only in French as it has been created for the Deuxfleurs collective. We would gladly merge a pull request with an English transaltion !

A Docker image is provided on the Docker hub. An example for running Guichet on a Nomad cluster can be found in guichet.hcl.example.

Guichet takes a single command line argument, -config <filename>, which is the path to its config file (defaults to ./config.json). The configuration file is a JSON file whose contents is described in the following section.

Guichet is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3.

Building Guichet

Guichet requires go 1.13 or later.

To build Guichet, clone this repository outside of your $GOPATH. Then, run make in the root of the repo.

Configuration of Guichet

Guichet is configured using a simple JSON config file which is a dictionnary whose keys are described below. An example is provided in a further section.

HTTP listen address

  • http_bind_addr: which IP and port to bind on for the HTTP web interface. Guichet does not support HTTPS, use a reverse proxy for that.

LDAP server configuration

  • ldap_server_addr: the address of the LDAP server to use
  • ldap_tls (boolean): whether to attempt STARTTLS on the LDAP connection
  • base_dn: the base LDAP object under which we are allowed to view and modify objects

User and group configuration

  • user_base_dn: the base LDAP object that contains user accounts
  • user_name_attr: the search attribute for user identifiers (usually uid or cn)
  • group_base_dn and group_name_attr: same for groups

Administration configuration

  • admin_account: DN of an LDAP account that has administrative privilege. If such an account is set, the admin can log in by entering the full DN in the login form.
  • group_can_admin: DN of a LDAP group whose members are given administrative privilege

Invitation configuration

Guichet supports a mechanism where users can send invitations by email to other users. The ability to send such invitations can be configured to be restricted to a certain group of users. Invitation codes are created as temporary LDAP objects in a special folder.

  • group_can_invite: the LDAP DN of a group whose members are allowed to send invitations to new users
  • invitation_base_dn: the LDAP folder in which invitation codes are stored
  • invitation_name_attr: just use cn
  • invited_mail_format: automatically set the invited user's email to this string, where {} is replaced by the created username (ex: {}
  • invited_auto_groups (list of strings): a list of DNs of LDAP groups

Email configuration

Guichet can send an invitation link by email. To do so, an SMTP server must be configured:

  • smtp_server: the host and port of the mail server
  • smtp_username and smtp_password: the username and password to log in with on the mail server
  • mail_from: the sender email address for the invitation message
  • web_address: the base web address of the Guichet service (used for building the invitation link)

Example configuration

This is a subset of the configuration we use on Deuxfleurs:

  "http_bind_addr": ":9991",
  "ldap_server_addr": "ldap://",

  "base_dn": "dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr",
  "user_base_dn": "ou=users,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr",
  "user_name_attr": "cn",
  "group_base_dn": "ou=groups,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr",
  "group_name_attr": "cn",

  "admin_account": "cn=admin,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr",
  "group_can_admin": "cn=admin,ou=groups,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr",
  "group_can_invite": "cn=asso_deuxfleurs,ou=groups,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr"

Here is an example of Bottin ACLs that may be used to support Guichet invitations:

  "acl": [
		"*,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr::read:*:* !userpassword",
		"*::read modify:SELF:*",




		"cn=admin,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr::read add modify delete:*:*",
		"*:cn=admin,ou=groups,dc=deuxfleurs,dc=fr:read add modify delete:*:*"

Consult this directory to view the full configuration in use on Deuxfleurs.