186 Commits (main)

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Quentin 736dd54b50
use the raw_message() call 3 weeks ago
Quentin 61fdfbe879
upgrade mail parser 3 weeks ago
Quentin f4f7f5a24f
update readme 2 months ago
Quentin 269da4c240
add stalwart results 2 months ago
Quentin 52536b4ca4
debug 2 months ago
Quentin bb66f7cee3
bump mail_parser 2 months ago
Alex ca385824b2
Remove unused pretty_env_logger dependency 7 months ago
Quentin 492fa1f2fa
Add warning about k2v 8 months ago
Quentin 0e45eb9a69
Update documentation 8 months ago
Quentin 5015b98db8
Add a configuration reference page 8 months ago
Quentin 7022d12e82
Add an IMAP trace in the doc 8 months ago
Quentin 112e63b5d7
First iteration on documentation 8 months ago
Alex 441730e1f7
Fix open_mailbox 8 months ago
Alex 54c467d3f7
Implement COPY 8 months ago
Alex db4ffd7135
Move to mail_parser 0.5 8 months ago
Alex c321d979af
Remove broken tests 8 months ago
Alex 60a7eee0bb
Reorganize tests a bit 8 months ago
Alex 3e3821682c
Move back to mainline mail-parser
- this removes the bug introduced in 0fe5fe071
- but adds some bugs where the body structure is not returned properly
8 months ago
Alex 24d9f192e4
Start testing of mail parsing crates 8 months ago
Alex 8c47687d8e
Implement Fetch BODY[HEADERS.FIELDS] and BODY[HEADER.FIELDS.NOT] 9 months ago
Alex 1f336cad2b
better name and cleanup 9 months ago
Alex 24c6607304
Some more FETCH things work 9 months ago
Alex 64a322b4cb
begin impl fetch body[xxxx] 9 months ago
Alex 2a0aa0d42c
Refactor stuff to indeed release resources 9 months ago
Alex 3b256de3dc
Remove OK [UNSEEN x] responses to SELECT and EXAMINE, and fix STATUS UNSEEN 9 months ago
Alex 956a92377e
reformat 9 months ago
Alex c703e3e2b8
Fix list wildcards 9 months ago
Alex 15a354f949
Correctly implement UID FETCH and UID STORE 9 months ago
Alex cd59be3a00
Implement opportunistic sync based on watch value, and use it 9 months ago
Alex 9fa2e958b3
Begin add watch mechanism to Bayou 9 months ago
Alex 33fa51021c
Small changes to .update() 9 months ago
Alex 70e0da9005
small fixes 9 months ago
Alex faca15f164
LMTP refactoring, implement EXPUNGE 9 months ago
Alex a1ca6d9def
"set flags" as a bayou op 9 months ago
Alex 7959adb8e9
implement STORE 9 months ago
Alex 23e0eff42b
Cleanup 9 months ago
Alex 46d9525984
Implement APPEND 9 months ago
Alex d4e0e66581
Fix Subscribed 9 months ago
Alex 9b7d999fd5
Implement STATUS 9 months ago
Alex fc2e25ce76
Clean up 9 months ago
Alex 5d6e4f7332
cleanup 9 months ago
Alex 7b888ed8cf
Implement mailbox renaming 9 months ago
Alex ad15595f0f
Implement LIST 9 months ago
Quentin 0e22a1c5d2
Push what compiles 9 months ago
Quentin e0322a7761
Add a workaround for mail-parser bug 9 months ago
Quentin 8bfe61d767
Count lines the same way as Dovecot+Cyrus 9 months ago
Quentin b1b73a9be5
Fix typo + add Citadel to the list 9 months ago
Quentin c926de6ef5
List other possible implementations 9 months ago
Quentin e72985a38c
Add a docker-compose spawning Dovecot+Cyrus+Maddy 9 months ago
Quentin 9675cdb545
Use CRLF as line ending in test files 9 months ago