• v0.8.0 1e40c93fd0

    Garage v0.8.0 Stable

    lx released this 2022-11-21 13:56:12 +00:00 | 1014 commits to main since this release

    This release is the final version of Garage v0.8.0. Most changes have already been listed in the release notes of v0.8.0 RC1 and RC2. Here are the main highlights of v0.8.0 compared to v0.7.3:

    • LMDB is now officially supported as an alternative database engine to replace Sled

    • Bucket size monitoring and quotas

    • Many improvements to background maintenance tasks, including scheduled automatic scrub of the data store

    • Significant performance improvements

    • Our experimental K2V API is included in release builds (though not activated if you haven't configured it)

    The following has changed since RC2:

    • Many documentation updates

    • OpenAPI specification of the Admin API (see https://garagehq.deuxfleurs.fr/api/garage-admin-v0.html for a rendered version)

    • Show a backtrace and a nice message when Garage panics

    • Added an experimental garage bucket cleanup-unfinished-uploads command to help remove unfinished multipart uploads when they take too much space.

    There is one known bug for this release:

    • #414: Panic during application of new cluster layout in 0.8.0-rc1. Please comment on the issue if you also had it, so that we know this is not an isolated case.

    Thanks to all of the contributors that have participated in this new version since v0.7.3: Alex, chemicstry, Jakub Jirutka, Maximilien, Quentin, Simon C, Tobias Krischer, Zorun.

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