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Alex 3cccda0e8e cargo fmt 2 weeks ago
Alex d83624e8f3
Add Grafana dashboards 1 month ago
Alex f163d1d348
Don't do the hack with same_site and same_node, separate lb flags 1 month ago
Alex 3c5aa3680e
status code just as integer, drop canonical reason string 2 months ago
Alex 6fda16048a
Update cargo2nix 2 months ago
Alex fad172e54a
Externalise Consul module to df-consul crate 2 months ago
Alex 752593e274
Remove host="" metric parameter for most things 2 months ago
Alex 731b59a41f
More precise histograms 2 months ago
Alex 9bd922adf9
Cargo clippy 2 months ago
Alex 8d1162f206
Change scheduling algo to deprioritize slow backends + refactoring 2 months ago
Alex ba5bf133f6
Add duration metric and improve others as well 2 months ago
Alex 5d38f2cf7f
Add basic support for metrics 2 months ago
Alex 43a0fe14b2
Update dependencies 2 months ago
Alex d523c27ae4
Make rustfmt work in Nix 2 months ago
Alex 32a0d5e148
Try rustfmt in nix 2 months ago
Alex 15ab38cdb6
deactivate fmt (doesnt work for some reason) 2 months ago
Alex 4bbedc7ae8
use nix run 2 months ago
Alex ee18ddcebc
Add Drone CI 2 months ago
Alex 0ae7f5fbd9
Make Nix flake 2 months ago
Alex 5007077f1d
Add possibility to skip TLS server certificate verification 6 months ago
Alex 698236cdb4
Enable upgrades on http module 9 months ago
Alex cbf7a03836
Handle HTTP/1.1 SWITCHING_PROTOCOL to handle Connection: Upgrade correctly 9 months ago
Alex df4a36990c
Try again to fix connection: upgrade bug 9 months ago
Alex 8c6114c3d3
Try to clean up code and to fix WebSocket problems 9 months ago
Quentin 6383d98772
Support headers with spaces in their value 9 months ago
Alex 625fd24113
Make Tricot available under AGPLv3 license 10 months ago
Alex 4ba13a3fcb
Correct cookie concatenation 12 months ago
Alex d85ef18269
Try to fix cookie issue: concatenate multiple cookie headers 12 months ago
Alex b1ac01f53e
Try to fix duplicate Host header issue 1 year ago
Alex ea050c7045
Actually that was quite a stupid way of handling timeouts 1 year ago
Alex 7d5070c57d
Fix busy loop 1 year ago
Alex 10d13b194b
Kill connections lasting more than 24h 1 year ago
Alex 21ea26bbff
Handle proxy timeouts 1 year ago
Alex 5e5299a6d0
Add graceful shutdown and memory tracing 1 year ago
Alex d7511c683d
Write proxy config to stdout to separate it from logs 1 year ago
Alex de4bc8abc4
Add info about logs 1 year ago
Alex f8d21c8b37
Add sentence in doc 1 year ago
Alex 85e1e7d8a4
Add support for tricot-site-lb and tricot-global-lb tags 1 year ago
Alex e446d6763e
Configuration by example 1 year ago
Alex cca85653b1
Write up how Tricot works 1 year ago
Alex ced324bc87
Make nodes aware of where they are and use that to priorize backends 1 year ago
Alex c030c47645
cargo fmt and improve error message 1 year ago
Alex bcc185df40
Add support for Consul TLS 1 year ago
Alex d13066b12b
Implement basic domain accesibility check before asking for certificate 1 year ago
Alex 7488d8e907
Exclude partial content from compression 1 year ago
Alex e3a030ceaf
Brotli seems to cause issues, disable it 1 year ago
Alex f7a5b29b71
cargo clippy 1 year ago
Alex e0912dc5fe
Remove content-length when compressed; don't compress small response 1 year ago
Alex 3f2a52dc8e
cargo fmt 1 year ago
Alex 87a88931b6
add compressed format 1 year ago