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Quentin 88a7c04cee
media-async-upload must be in the matrix group 1 year ago
Quentin 136d176176
Synapse does not use GlusterFS anymore 1 year ago
Quentin 2a0610658d Upgrade synapse+riot web 1 year ago
Quentin 6db8495bbf
Remove fb2nx that never worked 1 year ago
Quentin 4ea2494bd5
Update bottin 1 year ago
Quentin acd46fde80
Remove connection limit dovecot 1 year ago
Quentin 6716687fd7
Finally fix dovecot 1 year ago
Quentin a2a25e2ea4
Use `cn` instead of `mail` to store emails 1 year ago
Quentin e74bda617c
Merge branch 'main' of 1 year ago
Quentin 2dfd006dc5
Upgrade bagage and fix mem leak 1 year ago
Alex 9c4f78619d
Update guichet config: remove useless default groups nextcloud and seafile 1 year ago
Quentin 8fe0a78b0c
Upgrade Bagage 1 year ago
Quentin e66b1c2c54
Upgrade Plume 1 year ago
Quentin d40c41004d Add bagage deployment 1 year ago
Quentin 09269e8497 Merge pull request 'bump diplonat version 2->3' (#39) from bump-diplonat into main 1 year ago
darkgallium e26f57c8eb bump diplonat version 2->3 1 year ago
Alex d25f4d18aa
update guichet 1 year ago
Alex b8470be123
Update guichet 1 year ago
Alex 9d5b490fd9
add restart with mode "delay" stance to diplonat 2 years ago
Quentin 9304997d84
Upgrade guichet & postgres 2 years ago
Alex 2f37aaaf76
update drone server to 2.0.4 2 years ago
Alex 69f063e406
Update garage to handle ed25519 keys for TLS 2 years ago
Quentin 8302595f65
Merge branch 'main' of 2 years ago
Quentin 4fdc4a5144
Add pv for psql + upgrade postgres to 13.3 2 years ago
Quentin 2b39a896a7 Postgres can not be run as root 2 years ago
Quentin e97496e09d fix entrypoint 2 years ago
Quentin 2670c8f8f1 libc is needed fos stolon 2 years ago
Quentin 0a6ffcacd2 Merge branch 'main' of into main 2 years ago
Quentin 2d61f1449d Upgrade postgresql 2 years ago
Quentin 80c2f1f701
Merge branch 'main' of 2 years ago
Quentin e640f82eb8
Add 500Mo x3 more RAM to postgres and 2Go less RAM to Matrix 2 years ago
Alex 455e4db784
update guichet 2 years ago
Quentin 576ac2772e
Update config to add more time to pull images 2 years ago
Quentin 1277d94bec
Remove easybridge + increase nomad docker timeout when pulling images 2 years ago
Quentin b9f0f012bd
Update synapse configuration 2 years ago
Quentin 4b68522721
Add locales 2 years ago
Quentin 3c8cd4ca1c
Deactivate guests + expose _synapse api 2 years ago
Quentin 784efbcc9b
Add a restart policy 2 years ago
Quentin 2d30e1a9c7
Log to journald 2 years ago
Quentin 42c020e00b
Fix typo 2 years ago
Quentin 7e82b0d94d Add git 2 years ago
Quentin efcdef7856
Matrix 1.35.1 + S3 backend 2 years ago
Alex 62fa15390b
Update easybridge 2 years ago
Alex a26d41259a
Update garage to v0.3.0 2 years ago
Quentin 73d30b9aa5
Disable syslog as it is not present in the container 2 years ago
Quentin 8c213bc7ba
Update garage 2 years ago
Quentin 1edc5f37a2
Upgrade Matrix configuration 2 years ago
Quentin 4f506422e3 Upgrade matrix 2 years ago
Quentin 3bb2cf9e93 Allow only cipher suites recommended by Mozilla 2 years ago
Alex 1f15d29eab
Update garage to v0.2.1.6 2 years ago