How to efficiently provide email access to our users?
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We bought a Compex WPJ 428 board + a SIMCom 8202G LTE/5GNR modem and we try to make it work on OpenWRT
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A simple utility to help connect wireguard nodes together in a full mesh topology
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Tricot, a replacement for Traefik
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Tricot, a replacement for Traefik
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If you need to make a Spirit name change on your flight reservation, it's possible under certain conditions. The airline usually permits name changes for important reasons like marriage or legal changes, as well as spelling fixes. Get in touch with Spirit Airlines customer service, complete the name change request form, and send in the required paperwork ike a passport or government-issued ID to start the process. Remember that there can be costs involved, and it's best to submit these requests well in advance of the day you want to go. For the most recent details on Spirit Airlines' flight name change policy, see the airline's official website or get in touch with customer service.
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Anyone who owns a dog needs to make sure they get the right collar. Not only does it help with identification and control, but it is also very important for keeping our furry friends safe and healthy. It can be hard to find the perfect collar that meets all of our needs because there are so many to choose from. How to Understand How Important Australian-Made Dog Collars Are While shopping for dog collars, there are many reasons to choose ones made in Australia. Australia is known for making high-quality items, and dog collars are no different. There are strict rules and standards for quality in the country to make sure that products meet the highest levels of safety and durability. Selecting dog collars made in Australia gives owners peace of mind because they know the product has been through rigorous testing and is made according to strict guidelines. How dog collars made in Australia put your pet's health first One thing that makes Australian-made dog collars stand out is that they put a lot of thought into the health and safety of our pets. The best materials were used to make these collars, so they are safe and comfortable for dogs to wear. The durable nylon webbing and soft padding inside collars made in Australia make them both useful and comfortable. Also, safety features like reflective stitching or LED lights are often built in to make the design better for walking or going on outdoor adventures at night. For More Info:-
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A self-contained example of a static publishing platform for websites with Garage, Drone, StaticCMS and Gitea.
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A simple CLI tool to interact with Sled binaries
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