127 Commits (master)

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  Alex 78b4037410 Improve XMPP bridge: less flashing 4 months ago
  Alex 07f9f640f0 Looks like 2FA works in facebook messenger :o 5 months ago
  Alex 7130c7b7d6 Security against deletion of dbPmRoomMap entries 5 months ago
  Alex d3ab4fa8ca Update go packages; remove db cache 5 months ago
  Alex a688840fbf Update readme 10 months ago
  Alex 88eb2e728d Update README 10 months ago
  Alex 4fe24cf545 Update README 10 months ago
  Alex d7973a98fe IRC autorejoin on reconnect 10 months ago
  Alex 73fa488402 Add password authentication to IRC 10 months ago
  Alex aa6c5628e9 Notify user of stuff going on in backends (not done for FB Messenger) 10 months ago
  Alex 1d54a50c31 XMPP: autorejoin MUCs when reconnecting 10 months ago
  Alex 473336f0eb Fix null pointer dereference error 11 months ago
  Alex 88e435052c I'm stupid 11 months ago
  Alex 19ab6edda2 fix log.Fatal into log.Fatalf 11 months ago
  Alex 054a6d4268 Tolerate more invalid inputs from synapse 11 months ago
  Alex 4d909fffd8 Fix out of bounds error in user commands (the most stupid bug possible) 11 months ago
  Alex ad8461491b Avoid occasionnal deadlocks (1 in 256) 11 months ago
  Alex 6292303a31 Fix message duplication due to a race-condition 11 months ago
  Alex 06929747d6 Support Facebook stickers 11 months ago
  Alex 6c118d651e Remove temporary test code 11 months ago
  Alex 15e3dc46cf Mattermost user search 11 months ago
  Alex 586706f02b Fix search 11 months ago
  Alex 7c39436eda Save client pickle automatically (messenger) 11 months ago
  Alex f9e0c58f3c Fix revUserId (messenger) and implement search (messenger only for now) 11 months ago
  Alex 0d6fa02a78 Initial backlog in reversed order (just a convenience) 1 year ago
  Alex c6035d0dbe (not much) 1 year ago
  Alex 515f7be8f4 Clean up **a bit** 1 year ago
  Alex 3cbc202f31 bold 1 year ago
  Alex d85e5c12ca Reformulate 1 year ago
  Alex f77a8dcacf Add info on FB client pickle 1 year ago
  Alex 01a5065240 Handle empty client_pickle 1 year ago
  Alex 62dae5a0a2 `client_pickle` messenger configuration param 1 year ago
  Alex b7090546a9 Write some in README 1 year ago
  Alex 8a759683a7 Fix SIGSEGV 1 year ago
  Alex 3288cea61c Don't flood Messenger bridge logs to stderr by default 1 year ago
  Alex 979755a324 Fix JOIN: do syncing in separate thread (otherwise cache_get doesn't work and we get a deadlock) 1 year ago
  Alex 8e67699fe4 Better practices 1 year ago
  Alex 536f3cd6b8 TMP 1 year ago
  Alex d4d3cc422b Improve exiting (actually it was Mattermost that was creating a deadlock) 1 year ago
  Alex df1f2d38b3 Handle shutdown better 1 year ago
  Alex 7e0dbc5824 (wip) many things don't work 1 year ago
  Alex 0d54b5acdb Colors 1 year ago
  Alex d5d74b0b73 Messenger: hopefully handle joins correctly 1 year ago
  Alex d2791094d9 Update how mattermost connector works to be more resilient to deco 1 year ago
  Alex 1d8b7ef84a Refactor some && officially integrate Messenger backend :) 1 year ago
  Alex f251d67c32 UNTESTED: GROUP CHATS ;; add handlers for member join/leave and name changes 1 year ago
  Alex 0823b72acc Add timestamps to backlogged messages 1 year ago
  Alex b453406299 Handle attachments, sometimes 1 year ago
  Alex 2eda975741 Attachments can be received 1 year ago
  Alex 75a1dee061 Refactor user info fetching logic 1 year ago