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trinity-1686a 7f26ed55cd Improved handling of HTTP ranges 1 week ago
Quentin 8811bb08e6
In ListBuckets, hide entry if no perms 2 weeks ago
Quentin 85b2e4ca29
Start socat only once 2 months ago
Alex c94406f428
Improve how node roles are assigned in Garage 4 weeks ago
Trinity Pointard 53888995bd update doc and comments 3 weeks ago
Trinity Pointard f0893b904d update cargo.nix 3 weeks ago
Trinity Pointard 396fe4c702 clippy 4 weeks ago
Trinity Pointard 02158ee666 fix issue where list on vhost-bucket would list bucket instead of bucket content 4 weeks ago
Trinity Pointard 57df9c6e2d add s3_api.root_domain to doc book 4 weeks ago
Trinity Pointard 9c58ec28d3 add support for vhost-style s3 bucket 4 weeks ago
adrien cdeb5b4dbb added link to RFID Garage talk (#155) 3 weeks ago
Quentin 100aad8bf4
Add rclone mount doc 4 weeks ago
Quentin 80a87929b0
Improve CLI documentation 4 weeks ago
Quentin 76d21be1b9
Add skeleton for backups, fuse and code sections 4 weeks ago
Quentin 1928f59d54
Add documentation for Gitea. 4 weeks ago
Quentin 323514be15
Documentation for Nix binary cache 4 weeks ago
Quentin ad8d5139cf
hugo deploy does not build website, fix doc 4 weeks ago
Alex 08b1e8a7ea
Move design draft to separate file; write about GC in internals 4 weeks ago
Alex ad7ab31411
Implement GC delay for table data 1 month ago
Alex 74a7a550eb
Safety: never voluntarily delete block in 10min interval after RC reaches zero 1 month ago
Alex cc255d46cd
Refactor and comment table GC logic 1 month ago
Quentin 8e25a37f0e
Add documentation for nginx 4 weeks ago
Quentin e342db19aa
Add documentation about Gateways 1 month ago
Quentin f3405b6378
Doc about exposing your website 1 month ago
Quentin 860ccf2811
Harden Garage's systemd service 1 month ago
Quentin 9df7559446
Documentation for hugo, jekyll and publii 1 month ago
Quentin a97467075d
Add documentation for synapse-s3-storage-provider 1 month ago
Trinity Pointard 9d7535c3f5 allow missing bootstrap_peers in garage.toml 1 month ago
Trinity Pointard da6efb4b23 fix missing bootstrap_peers in doc 1 month ago
Alex e8811f7c9d
Request strategy: don't launch all 3 requests if not needed 1 month ago
Alex 2090a6187f
Add tranquilizer mechanism to improve on token bucket mechanism 1 month ago
Alex 6f13d083ab
Add semaphore to limit RAM used by buffered outgoing requests 1 month ago
Alex 8c4f418fe8
Fix peer list persistence: do not forget previous peers 1 month ago
Jill bef6d627b0 Add environment variables equivalents for some CLI options. 1 month ago
Quentin e93d7fb228
Add Peertube + improve CLI instructions 1 month ago
Quentin eaf54efb25
Add doc for Nextcloud 1 month ago
Quentin 93f8d59e4c
Extract toolchain build from the CI 1 month ago
Quentin cc1caa87fb
Use Rust binaries from Nix instead of rustup 1 month ago
Alex 69b89fb46d
Fix race in block resync 1 month ago
Alex 6b47c294f5
Refactoring on repair commands 1 month ago
Trinity Pointard 28c015d9ff
add cli parameter to verify local bloc integrity 6 months ago
ADRN 4e8af1d956 Modified the 'Funding' sentence to remove 'promise' since we actually got the first instalment 1 month ago
Alex 3e7f766d95
CLI: default rpc_host 1 month ago
Alex 43e13a501d
Use published netapp crate instead of git repo 1 month ago
Alex ada7899b24
Fix clippy lints (fix #121) 1 month ago
Alex b2c51844a1
Add download link on homepage 1 month ago
Alex f6ebcbc7a7
Disable i686 and armv6l pipelines for now 1 month ago
Alex df8a4068d9
Refactor block manager code, and hopefully fix deadlock 2 months ago
Alex de4276202a
Improve CLI, adapt tests, update documentation 2 months ago
Alex 1b450c4b49
Improvements to CLI and various fixes for netapp version 2 months ago