734 Commits (main)

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Alex 93eab8eaa3 Fixes to S3 compatibility page (#314) 3 days ago
Quentin 43ddc933f9
Update Ceph S3 endpoints compatibility 3 days ago
Alex 9f303f6308
Shorter page title 4 days ago
Alex 3be43f3372
Add lost content for Restic with Garage 4 days ago
Alex 2da448b43f
Add documentation for new Admin API and a few infos on K2V 4 days ago
Alex b2a2d3859f K2V client improvements (#307) 4 days ago
Alex 382e74c798 First version of admin API (#298) 4 days ago
trinity-1686a 64c193e3db Add a K2V client library and CLI (#303) 1 week ago
Alex c692f55d5c
K2V: Fix `end` parameter and add tests (fix #305) 2 weeks ago
Alex 7b474855e3
Make background runner terminate correctly 3 weeks ago
Alex 176715c5b2
Fix ReadIndex spec and add JSON5 remark to doc 2 weeks ago
Alex 5768bf3622 First implementation of K2V (#293) 3 weeks ago
Alex def78c5e6f
Update netapp to 0.4.4, fix #300 3 weeks ago
Alex 277a20ec44 Fix `layout show` to not show changes when there are no changes (#297) 3 weeks ago
Alex c9ef3e461b
fix clippy 2 months ago
Alex c93008d333
Prettier code for defragmentation 2 months ago
Alex e5341ca47b
Defragmentation in UploadPartCopy: first pass (not pretty but it compiles) 2 months ago
withinboredom a4f9f19ac3 remove size limitation in UploadPartCopy (#280) 1 month ago
Baptiste Jonglez 47e57518ec Add documentation on running Kopia with Garage 2 months ago
Alex dffcd9f4b1
update Cargo.nix 2 months ago
Alex 5d404dcd54
Add missing opentelemetry features 2 months ago
Quentin 62f0715abe Add/Fix OpenTelemetry 2 months ago
Quentin 7e1ac51b58 Add files to quickly test k8s 2 months ago
Alex 94f1e48fff Update to netapp 0.4.2 (a tiny fix) 2 months ago
Alex cb5836d53c Bring maximum exponential backoff time down from 16h to 1h 2 months ago
Quentin 8e3ee82c3e Be clearer on what upgrades are (not) supported 2 months ago
Quentin a122a8cb46 Add an "upgrading" section, add a guide for 0.7 2 months ago
Quentin 9fd8ec1dee Add documentation for winscp+sftpgo 2 months ago
Alex 0091002ef2
New replication modes and their documentation 2 months ago
Alex 8f9cf3a5d1
fix a clippy lint 2 months ago
Alex 913f7754bb
Add blocks in errored state to `garage stats` 2 months ago
Alex 42dde54126
Log admin GET requests at debug level instead of info 2 months ago
Alex dca2ffdf91
document administrative options 2 months ago
Quentin 0cf4efac89 Compile kuberetes-discovery only when release=true 2 months ago
Alex 9d0ed78887 Add feature flag for Kubernetes discovery 2 months ago
Alex 509d256c58
Make layout optimization work in relative terms 2 months ago
Alex 2814d41842
Allow `garage layout assign` to assign to several nodes at once 2 months ago
Alex 7e0e2ffda2
Slight change and add comment to layout assignation algo 2 months ago
Alex 413ab0eaed
Small change to partition assignation algorithm 4 months ago
Alex 43945234ae
Add missing src/block to toplevel cargo.toml 2 months ago
Alex 3dc9214172
Add lots of comments on how the resync queue works 2 months ago
Alex 077dd1cde9
Clippy 2 months ago
Alex 2d13f0aa13
run cargo2nix 2 months ago
Alex e480aaf338
Make background tranquility a configurable parameter 2 months ago
Alex 8fd6745745
Move block RC code to separate `rc.rs` 2 months ago
Alex c3982a90b6
Move DataBlock out of manager.rs 2 months ago
Alex c1d9854d2c
Move block manager to separate module 2 months ago
trinity-1686a 8565f7dc31 cleanup 2 months ago
trinity-1686a 8db6b84559 add test for create bucket and put website with streaming signature 2 months ago
trinity-1686a 1eb7fdb08f add test framework for arbitraty S3 requests 3 months ago